Solingen Private Equity

Who we are

An overview of Solingen Private Equity

Solingen Private Equity is an independent private equity business with a difference. Founded by Paul Betts, Robin Womersley and Graham Smith, our firm is managed by private investors for private investors.

We are hands on operators who have proven “on the ground” business experience

We are hands on operators who have proven “on the ground” business experience as well as having an ability to source, manage and exit high quality private company investments. We are focused on supporting management teams in acquiring successful, profitable businesses or providing equity growth finance to businesses to support their expansion plans.

Our fully committed fund has been provided by a private investor group with the aim of investing in dynamic businesses with the capacity to deliver capital growth and strong returns to investors. Our fund brings together private company investment capital and the experience from our successful entrepreneurs and business people invested in our fund. As a result we have a strong understanding of what makes businesses successful and the challenges which can be faced as businesses grow.

Why we created Solingen

Solingen Private Equity has been created to address gaps in the private company investment market.

There is a funding gap in the market for businesses in the sub £10m deals space. This has been created because existing private equity companies are being pressurised to make larger investments, driven by increasing fund sizes and demands of institutional investors.

An absence of high quality opportunities for successful business people

There is also an absence of high quality opportunities for successful business people to put their capital to work in the private company space. Opportunities for investors to directly invest in businesses on their own account can demand significant financial capital as well as emotional capital into a single business. Often private investors gravitate to ‘angel’ type investing – risking smaller sums – but which tend to have a higher risk profile and are typically focused on start-ups, hi-tech or distressed businesses. We have created Solingen to provide private investors with the opportunity to invest in already established and successful businesses with a strong and defensible track record, providing the potential for strong investment returns.

We also provide an opportunity for investors who want real “connectivity” with the manager of the fund and with the investee businesses. Whilst our fund is focussed on generating strong capital profits we also believe business should be interesting and fun and that investors should have the opportunity to be fully engaged with us and investee businesses if they desire.